Thursday, March 11, 2010

When it rains...

This month the saying “when it rains; it pours” defiantly springs to mind.

Technically I suppose it started late last month with parties every weekend without fail. It seems that my group of friends has reached the age where everyone is turning 21 (oh and there was a 50th in there too) so there has been a 21st every Saturday until this week which I think is actually a 23rd.

For a town that is considered a little behind the times Adelaide gets kind of crazy in March with the Fringe, with events everywhere all the time its just non-stop. It is strange how the rest of the year can be quite but for roughly a month its hard to choose what to do…

Besides the parties I have just found out that 2 events I have been looking forward to happen to fall on the same weekend. The Kustom Kulture festival and The Lindy Charm School for Girls visit.

From late last year when I saw a feature in (I think it was) Dead Beat magazine about Greaze Fest in Brisbane I was instantly jealous that Adelaide was never host to something this amazing. The vintage hot rods, low rider bikes, market stalls, and rockabilly bands… all of it made my eyes light up. To my delight when googling I came across some info about the Kustom Kulture Weekend.

Being a big fan of rockabilly, swing/big band music I listen to music that has in most cases, been around for 50 odd years. I stick with what I like which usually means I stick with my iPod rather then the radio… this can warrant me the frequent queer looks when I am out and don’t know what the song everyone is singing to is. So it would be amazing to see some live music that I could actually get into!

According to their myspace the Kustom Kulture Weekend is described as: It’s a whole lot more than just a festival, with around bands (interstate & local) deejays, kustom cars, tattoo artist, lowrider pushbikes, traditional ‘von dutch’ style pinstriper, stall holders, art exhibits, drink specials, giveaways, a giant boot sale, fashion, music & mayhem.

Stalls! Art! Drink specials! Boot sale! Fashion! Music! Mayhem! = ♥

The music is expected to be everything from Rockabilly, Blues, Swing, Swamp Rock, Country, Ska, Surf, Western Swing & Psychobilly.

Kustom Kulture Weekend 2010 – 19th -21st March

In an ideal world, I would be spending the whole weekend there soaking up the amazing-ness… but in reality it will probably only be Saturday night or Sunday…

However this brings me to my dilemma…

The Lindy Charm School for Girls – Adelaide – 20th March 2010 – 1:00-4:00pm

I came across a small piece about the Lindy Charm School for Girls in issue 34 of Frankie magazine. The mention of victory rolls, and a few sly drinks caught my attention immediately… I continued to read ready to be disappointed they were not coming to Adelaide only to be pleasantly surprised that they were!

The workshops run by The Lindy Charm School for Girls are dedicated to reviving the golden age of glamour and etiquette of the early 20th century, by introducing girls to red lipstick, bullet bra's, girdles, garters, seamed nylons, sky high heels and how to wear them, pin curls, victory rolls, finger waves, and a wiggly walk to boot.
Bullet Bra's! Garters! Seamed Nylons! Sky High Heeels! and a Wiggly Walk! = ♥

To make matters worse, it is also one of my best friends birthdays on the 20th! I am not sure how I am going to work this but I am hoping that the fates will step in and everything will just fall into place!

Stay tuned for pics soon :)

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