Thursday, March 25, 2010

She and Him - Volume Two

I have just myself up a copy the new She & Him album "Volume Two".
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I am a bit of Zooey Deschanel fan and I loved "Volume One" but was craving some new tracks for while (probably because I had the album on repeat for a good month or two). I have just gotten through the whole CD and not surprisingly, it is just as amazing as the first one. It still has that folky old world feel and sweet lyrics but this album seems to be a bit "sadder"... but that is just my opinion.

Even though I only picked it up on my lunch break today, I've already managed to pick two favourite tracks.

"Gonna Get Along Without You Now" and "Over it Over Again" = ♥

You can listen to the whole album here on Definitely worth a listen :)


  1. I didn't listened yet the "Volume Two" but I like very much the sonority of "Volume One" and I kind of love the fresh look and musical creativity of She and Him. I should look for "Volume Two" now!

    Have a great weekend and greetings from Portugal,


  2. I love She & Him! Zooey's voice is simply lovely!

  3. Great blog! I've been really into She & Him lately. Zooey's voice is addicting and beautiful!

  4. Great to hear from some fellow She & Him fans! The whole feel of these two is just stunning...I hope you all like this album as much as me and thanks for the lovely comments :)