Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vintage Fair & Kustom Kulture

Ground floor goodness

This stall had some lovely winter coats and hats
Me and my new blouse

Well, I have finally had a chance to catch my breath after a whirlwind weekend. There was so much on that I was keen to go to but only so little time. I did manage to make it to two out of three things though, which isn’t a bad effort. As I mentioned last week the 2010 Way We Wear Vintage Fair and Kustom Kulture was on from Friday to Sunday and the Lindy Charm School for Girls was in Adelaide on the Saturday.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the Lindy Charm School day, but I did however ware out my wallet at the vintage fair and make a brief appearance at Kustom Kulture.

I went to the vintage fair on Friday night, the first night it was open. I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was the first year I have actually been able to make it. It was great, everyone there was lovely and I managed to find quite a few goodies. I usually go to these and simply rummage through things looking for anything I like, however its getting to the stage where my wardrobe is at maximum capacity so I decided I needed a game plan.

As I mainly look for 50s type fashion I am a big fan of full or A line skirt and petticoats and I have built up quite a collection. As lovely as they are, they tend to be light weight material and easily blow up when there is a slight wind. This usually isn’t a problem on weekend as I can simply hold it down, but I find that when I am walking to work in the city it gets extremely windy and I usually have my hands full… this does become a problem. After many frustrating days struggling to carry things and hide my knickers from passers by I decided I should stick to pencil skirts and wiggle dresses for work.

As such, my game plan at the fair was to look for clothes that I could wear to work (tighter fitting, pencil skirts, wiggle dresses etc). I was also on the look out for a black belt (my favourite one broke a week ago :) and a bullet bra as I can not seem to find one anywhere.

Overall I didn’t stray too far from my plan really which I was quite impressed about. I didn’t find a black belt or a bullet bra though… so instead got a few different accessories I simply couldn’t leave behind.

Here’s what I got…

This dress is cute on its own... but the ensemble made it a must have

I love this powder blue colour

the coat was in fantastic condition, even the lace on the lining

this is made from quite thick velvet, should be good for winter

its actually much closer to this colour, but the flash made it look redder in the above pic

this dress was the exception from the game plan, but I couldnt leave it behind :)

i mean, really... look at these pearl buttons ♥

classic black and white

should go with anything...

especially these shoes

i didnt buy these shoes at the vintage fair, i had bought them earlier in the week.

They are called "Leilah" from Wittner.

this dress is very 80s (shoulder pads and all!), but i loved the colour and the peplum skirt

the back is very low too, and it has a choker neckline

again, with the pearl buttons... thought this would be nice for work though

this hat isnt vintage, but its vintage style. there is something dramatic about a grey hate that i just ♥

this bag reminds me of lollies or something, there is definatly a childhood flashback here...

and this one, although probably not very practical reminds me of summer :)

and lastly... you can never have to many cinch belts

I didnt buy this dress. To my despair it was too small in the bust and I couldnt bring myself to buy it and alter it. I left it for someone else to crush on.

The pictures really dont do it any justice, the colour is stunning.

I especially adored the capey parts at the back.

As for Kustom Kulture, I must say i was slightly disappointed. From the looks of the flyer and the information I found on the net it looked to be an amazing weekend full of music, burlesque, stalls etc. The website even said " a nostalgia weekend for the whole family" and "daytime events run on Saturday and Sunday". The flyer that I had didn’t have any times on it so I took a bit of a guess and headed there on Saturday arvo hoping to get some stall hopping in then listen to soak up some of the music.

Unfortunately I arrived just as the Hotrod and Kustom showdown was ending and none of the bands started for a few hours. Having a birthday party on the opposite side of town later that evening I decided to take a few snaps and leave.

I did find a flyer when I was there that had times for certain things and much more info then the flyer I originally had. I did plan to head back on the Sunday and give it another shot with my new found information but lets just say it was a good birthday on Saturday night and I didn’t make it.

I haven’t given up on it and will definitely make sure I make it there again next year but if anyone else arrived at the time I did, I dare say they would be disappointed too. I am sure the night sessions were amazing and I am shattered I couldn’t hang around but for a "weekend of nostalgia for the whole family" you would think there would be more going on in the afternoon/evening.

*sigh* I suppose there is always next year :)

Here are a few of the pics I managed to snap before we left... I'm not really a car girl but they are just so pretty...


  1. Great finds at the fair! =D I never end up coming away with much as am always too poor. ;]
    -Andi x

  2. Thanks Andi B :) I didnt expect to come away with this much... I spent way more money then I shouldve but when I got there it just kind of happned hehe. My bank account is still recovering... eek.