Monday, March 29, 2010

100 eBay Purchases!

Today is quite a milestone in my life… I have made it to 100 feedback on eBay!

And when I say 100 I mean 100 people have left feedback for me after I have bought something from them. Although I had hopes to sell things online I have yet to actually do so… so every single digit of my feedback score is something I have bought.

Now, I can’t quite take credit for all of it as my mum and I shared an account until her eBay addictiveness took over and she created her own, but I most certainly made quite an effort toward it. Unfortunately eBay doesn’t keep track of you purchases after they are 90 days old so I can not see what the first thing I purchased was… but I vaguely remember it being a dress with pumpkins printed on it (which was worn so often that I literally wore a hole in it!).

Since I do not have a credit card eBay is about the only place I can shop online since I can pay via bank deposit. This can be quite a problem as I often find things on other sites that I would kill to have but alas can not buy. However, the lack of credit card has probably worked in my favor in the long run though I suppose… otherwise I foresee a wardrobe full of pretty dresses BUT an amazing amount of debt.

There have been so many wonderful things I have bought off eBay… some of which I probably wouldn’t even remember until I saw them. I love eBay for making things that are too find so easy to get. From my saddle shoes to TV series that were not released in Australia… it is a goldmine of hard to find stuff.

Although I can not purchase things with PayPal and therefore can not buy anything from overseas I still do OK just buying things from Australia… there are some wonderful vintage sellers and sewers who make petticoats and rock n roll skirts. I must say though, from when I first made my foray in the world of eBay compared to now there is a lot less quality vintage. I’m not sure if this is simply because it has all been snatched up and there isn’t as much out there or because people have simply stopped listing it… but either way it is rather disappointing.

I haven’t gotten any clothing or shoes on eBay for a while but I still find a way to spend my money hehe. My 100th purchase on eBay for instance was “The James Dean Story” by Ronald Martinetti. It is second hand but still in good reading condition and for $11 including postage I couldn’t resist. I have been looking for a good James Dean biography for a while and haven’t had much luck at all so it was quite a good find if you ask me.

I will do a post of some of my past eBay finds shortly but for now here are a few things I am constantly watching but am yet to splurge and buy…

I just think this is too cute… I certainly wouldn’t mind walking into my garden and seeing Bambi and his Mummy reunited :)

You can find this here.

The Real Bettie Page: The Truth about the Queen of Pinups.

You can find it here.

Mad Men – Season 3.

You can find it here.

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