Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why my Mother is amazing...

I awoke this morning to find I had in fact won the dress I was drooling over yesterday…However it had nothing to do with my lucky four leaf clover under my pillow or wearing my Mums lucky ring (I have mentioned I am superstitious right?). As the listing for the dress was obviously set up for those in the US it finished at 2:30am South Australian time. Before I went to bed I put in a pretty high bid and went to sleep hoping for the best. I considered getting up at 2:20 just to check it, but as I now need to be up at 5:30am to get to work on time I thought it best not to if I wanted to function the next day…
So when I did get up at 5:30am I went straight to the computer to see if I had won, which would either make or break my day. I walked into the office to see a note and some money on the desk… My Mum had gotten up at 2:20am and placed another bid so that I didn’t miss out. Not only had she gotten up at 2:20am, she had gotten up at 2:20am on her BIRTHDAY. The note told me of how she had set her alarm, gotten up, saw I had been outbid and increased the bid in the last seconds to make sure I won. Not only that, she had left some cash on the desk (money she had planned to spend on my upcoming birthday) to go toward the now rather expensive price of the dress (it was in US dollars). It also went on to say that she hoped I wasn’t mad, as I spend lots of money of shoes too (I loved that bit hehe) and that she could see I didn’t want to miss out.

So this post goes out to my AMAZING mother. Happy Birthday day Mum!

I now await the dress in the mail and hope it looks half as nice on me as it does in the picture. It would certainly want to considering I paid nearly double to price just so I could one that was already in Australia and therefore would arrive on time. I am thinking teaming it with a little black hat and black driving style gloves (and black heels of course), what do you think?


  1. That dress is gorgeous, and congrats on winning the bid :) You're mom sounds amazing! Reading your post just reminded me how much my mom does for me and how awesome moms are in general. Thanks for sharing this post. It was heart warming!


  2. It is pretty isnt it? I just hope it looks as good in real life... She is definitely amazing, there will no doubt be a few more posts about her in the future :)

    Mums really do do alot for thier kids, every single day. They deserve so much appreciaction, even though they dont expect it...

    Glad I reminded you how awsome Mums are, they truly are astounding. :)