Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Diary of a Burlesque Beginner - Week Four

Well dolls, this post will be rather short one as my cold is still lingering and I didn’t make it to last nights class. I had hoped to go and even carted my change of clothes and heels into work so I could head there afterward but after a horrible nights sleep and breathing in the fresh winter air I really didn’t feel up to it. I figured rather then go and simply not enjoy myself (or even possibly make the others girls sick) I was better to give it a miss and renew my enthusiasm next week.

Send in the nurse...

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I believe we would have been continuing the chair routine and practicing… Lord knows I really could’ve done with the practice but with a fuzzy cold ridden head I would have more likely become frustrated and gotten over it rather quickly. I am going to have to try and get some practice in before next week; but as all the chairs at my house are either antique or just plain old (I mean, squeaky old) my last attempt ended promptly as I would prefer to keep the chair and my skull in tact should the old chair decide to give out.

If any of you are interested in the music we use at the classes though (besides Fever and Big Spender) you can download it from iTunes for I think $16.99. It’s called “How to Strip (Out of Print, Digital Only)”. It has 21 tracks by the Sonny Lester Orchestra that are a great listen even if you aren’t getting your burlesque on. I listened to it while I was getting ready to go out the other week and it was great. It really makes you feel sexy and puts a swing in your step. You can find details here, or just search on iTunes.

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Fingers crossed I’m feeling better for next week…


  1. burlesque classes sound like a blast!
    I hope you are feeling better and getting back on the horse - or um, chair.
    Now I'm going to check out this how to strip album.

  2. They have been mostly fun :)

    Thanks, I certainly hope I am well enough to get back on the chair hehe.

    Let me know what you think of the album :)

  3. Feel better!

    This sounds really awesome.

  4. I'm loving your blog! I've just discovered it and am so enjoying reading your posts :)

  5. Sadako - Thanks, I hope I'm feeling better too... and it is generally pretty awsome.

    The Countess - So glad you enjoy my blog! And you have just made my day with your comment :)