Thursday, June 17, 2010

My morning...

Well, my day had turned to absolute crap before 7:00am. I commute to work as I live roughly an hour away… Lucky for me a family friend also commutes with me and more often then not he will drive us to the station. All was well, I was even running on time… went out the front and he was waiting. I got in the car. We weren’t even out the drive way and I saw a spider in the middle of the dash. The spider wasn’t overly large, probably about 4cm in diameter, but if you ask me that is not overly small either, and besides if it looks furry I WILL scream. So after a loud shriek he grabbed a tissue and squished it…

Or so we thought. Still totally jumpy from this close encounter I was of course still looking at the dash, while he kept driving. Next thing, there is me screaming again that it isn’t dead, its still there. Now its on his side of the dash so he slows down again and he squishes it. I should take this moment to inform you all that, when I leave in the morning it is still dark outside so this spider wasn’t easily visible especially when the interior light in this particular car is broken. So each time I am screaming and pointing, I can see the spider but he can’t. Anyhoo all is good; its been squished (again) but… nope its back on my side of the dash moving quickly even closer to me. Yep, you guessed it, there’s me screaming again. “Pull over pull over coz its coming closer to me! Its still there! Pull over! Pull over!”

With a brains on his shoulder and not being a screaming girly mess, he pulls over. I am immediately out of the car. He squishes it. For real this time. It is no longer ANYWHERE on the dash. After doing my ridiculous “there is spiders on me” dance I get back in the car. Except before I have even shut the door one drops from the roof right in front of my face! If I breathed in it would’ve been sucked to my nose! So no sooner had I gotten back in the car, did I bounce straight back out! But, feeling triumphant that the dash spider is dead he has gone on driving. Not fast obviously as he had just started…. But still. Exiting a moving car = not a good idea. Realizing that I am no longer in the vehicle and that I am screaming, yet again he squishes the second spider… after some convincing I get back in the car huddled into a ball so I take up less room and therefore in my mind set at the time am less likely to have another spider near me.

The drive from my house to the station would be roughly 10 minutes, this morning it felt like FOREVER. When we did finally arrive I could not get out of the car quick enough, and when I did… it was pouring with rain so I had to run. Get to the seats at the station and look at my foot which is now actually hurting. My “sockings” are ripped and bloody, and my foot is cut. I rush to the deli and buy some band aids and cover the wound and toss my sockings in the bin. I check out my pants and they look fine. Escaped injury for the most part. My foot may be a little worse for the wear on the weekend but its not too bad. Untill…

I get to work and decide to check out my knee which is now hurting too. My pants were fine, no rips what so ever. My knee is a different story. A nice gouge and graze. As I pull my pant leg up, I can feel a wound as it is sticking to the inside of my pants. Doing this, of course made it bleed which it had apparently been doing the whole way to work anyway. So I now have a nasty knee that looks like I was pushed over in the play ground which will not exactly be flattering with my dress on the weekend. Those stupid spiders (its still disputed how many there were, but there was at least two) didn’t even touch me and yet they managed to injure me and ruin my weekend. This may sound completely silly but to be honest, for a minute there I thought I was actually having a nightmare and wasn’t really in the car. It seemed like there was a never ending supply of spiders, and then when I thought the dash spiders (all of them, or one Houdini one) were dead bam roof spider… IN MY FACE. Definite nightmare material when you are petrified of spiders.

To make matters worse, I spilt my coffee on my white shirt on the way into the office and I think I am the only one who has ever needed first aid on the whole floor. The only one who has ever needed it, AND has needed twice in the past 6 months… both for injuries outside of work which generally occur due to my clumsiness or stupid accidents. So, the first aid officer kindly bandaged me up and my knee looked a little better once it was cleaned, still not super attractive but better… *sigh*

I did manage to find some large plasters for my knee which are paler then usual bandaids (which quite frankly are so far from my skin colour it amazes me) so hopefully it won't be too noticeable on Saturday under my stockings. Hopefully my day can only get better from here… Oh I have an update on the Diary of Burlesque beginner coming up too, I promise.


  1. I know what you mean about the spiders. I had to giggle while I read this as I had a spider episode just the day before.
    I kept feeling like sometingwas crawling on my arm..I would check all over but nothing was there. after 5 or so times of this I assumed it was my allergies acting up and I was just itchy. Then,I felt it again but,I ignored it.After almost a minute of that finally I looked and there he was black and hairy...*shivers*

  2. Yes, I have quite a few giggles when I explain my injury. hehe. Seems more people then I thought I understand the spider fear. I probably wouldve injured myself in your situation too. That is a horrible feeling when you think theres a spider on you, let alone one actually being there! eep! and black & hair = bad. or actually... spider = must die. lol.

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  4. I WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME THING! I HATE SPIDERS! the other day i was getting mail out the letterbox and one jumped right on my hand. I was completely paralized with fear and ran in the room and almost cried haha.

    I was actually looking at the graze on your knee the other night at your birthday so now it finally makes sense on how you got it haha.

  5. Brooke: haha... yep, thats how i got it. I had heaps of makeup on my knee under my stockings so it didnt look as bad but its certainly not pretty.

    I probably wouldve cried if that happened... Only reason i probably didnt when this happened to me was because it was too early n i was just in shock lol.

    Thanks for coming on the weekend :)

    Elle: Thanks for the comment, but cant check out your blog tho as its for invited readers only. The "Featured Followers" sounds like a good idea tho...

  6. ACK! SPIDER IN THE FACE?! I would've peed and cursed in the most unladylike fashion. Thank goodness for men with tissues! This may come off as entirely insensitive, but I adore your shoes and am curious as to where you purchased them? Are they heels or flats?