Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Diary of a Burlesque Beginner - Week Five

Last nights burlesque class was CANCLLED. The lovely Miss Kitty Kemble (the teacher) was unfortunately not well and wasn’t able to find a replacement teacher for the night. For those of you who are die hard Diary of a Burlesque beginner fans (haha), do not fret… although I have no new moves to explain poorly or any uncoordinated comments to make for this week I am sure that Miss Kitty Kemble will make sure we make up for the class which means there is another two classes to come.

I will make sure I stay healthy so I don’t miss anymore…

Anyhoo since I have your attention... on a completely unrelated note, please wish me happy thoughts and lots of luck. I have fallen in love with a dress on and would really love to wear it to a do I am going to to celebrate my 20th Birthday. Although some don’t consider the 20th much of a milestone, I think it is a big deal that I am coming to end of my teenage-hood and as such, I want to celebrate accordingly.

Luckily for me, the lovely Lucky Seven are playing on the 19th June at the Cavern and although the 19th isn’t my actual birthday it is certainly close enough. This made my decision of where to go and what to do very simple, and all that was left is what to wear…

Which brings me back to the dress I found on, unfortunately as they are US based and I need the dress here by the 18th June I really need to purchase it this week (or today preferably) to have it here in time. Stressing out and unable to call the help line due to the time difference I googled away and found the dress in Australia on eBay. Just one. Ending tomorrow.

It’s the right size and colour. It’s the exact same dress but it’s much closer (geographically). Only problem is… it’s not buy it now. I have to bid to win it. I really want this dress… so please… if you have some luck to spare within the next 13 hours send it my way.

As I am kind of superstitious when it comes to eBay items, I will have to post a picture of the dress after I win it. But for now, here are some of my other favorites from the site.

Stop Staring Veronica Bow Dress

Stop Staring French Navy Dress

Stop Staring Leopard Martini Dress

With these dresses being my second choices, I know you can just imagine the one I picked is just darling.

Oh also, I have been VERY slack with outfit posts as I never tend to get a picture of myself before I go out. There are plenty of picture when I am out but they are generally all from the waist up with other people. So, I have been thinking that as I am spending the upcoming long weekend in (and going bowling :) ) I was thinking that I might do my hair and make up and seriously just play dress up and take some pics. This way ill have a backlog of outfit posts for you and any I wear to something will just be bonus. Thoughts? Is this a good idea or is it “cheating”? I suppose they would be more, clothes posts then an outfit for a specific event/outing…


  1. I absolutely LOVE!

  2. Me too Gina! I wish postage and the dollar difference didnt factor into my shopping tho.. :)