Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Devilles Pad

I heard about this through a friend who lives in Perth when I was meant to be making a trip over. They insisted that I would love this place so I googled it and they were right! Just from their website I would quite easily say that I would frequent this place if it were in Adelaide.

All images from Devilles Pad.

However, to my dismay I went onto the FAQs and found that they have a over 25s age policy… luckily my dreams were not quite shattered as I read on to see “This has been put in place to encourage mature minded clientele and ensure a fun, safe and comfortable environment. We may allow select 20-25s into Devilles Pad, as long as they are well dressed and display a respectful and mature minded attitude. They must be within a gourp of over 25s or with a Devilles Pad member. Under 25s are allowed on Thursdays”

Here’s me hoping a can wrangle a group of 25+ year olds when I make my next trip to Perth!!

After being blown away by the photographs of this place I was continuously awed as I continued to browse the site.

The dress code is great, their motto “dress to impress”.

Dress Code: Smart to Glamorous.No offensive clothing. No badly torn or faded jeans. No jeans & sneaker combo. No work wear. No sportswear or sport shoes. No thongs.

But the thing that most impressed me was the constant stream of entertainment…

Every Thursday B-Movie Bonanza: horror, exploitation teen delinquents, 50’s & 60’s Music movies, biker, sci-fi, kung fu and underground movies you wont see on TV! But wait, theres more! Rock’n’roll karaoke: Elvis, Ramones, punk rockabilly, cramps, easy beats – guaranteed no mainstream hits! Plus $10 dinner.

Every Friday and Saturday: they treat you to a crazy cabaret of acts. Chanteuse, magicians, burlesque, dancers and sideshow acts. Along with some Show-Go-Go girls.

Their regular bands feature Rock’n’roll, 60’s beat, rockabilly, ska, Elvis, Tom Jones, Jerry Lee Lewis and more…

There is a dairy of upcoming events too… you can find it here.

But that’s still not all, they also quite a range of snacks and meals and even ice-cream. From tacos to pork crackling everything on the menu sounds pretty appetizing… (but I haven’t eaten my lunch yet).

The drinks are on par with the rest of place and they stock a range of top shelf liqueurs, international beers, champagne for most tastes and “a grand range of absinth”. The small selection of signature cocktails that they show on the site are equally as tempting with a Tequila Temptress for the She-Devil Delights and a Damnation Libation for the Demon Drinks.

I certainly hope to make it to this place one day soon (fingers crossed sometime this year) when I am back in Perth.

If any of you have been I would love to hear about it?


  1. Wow. That sure looks like an amazing place to go!!
    -Andi x

  2. It does... I can not wait to actually go :)