Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rock n Roll Rendezvous

Obviously the Rock n Roll Rendezvous is first and foremost a car show, with cars from the 70s and older all being slung together in one big mish mash time warp car park. Now I will preface this with the statement that I am not really a car person. I know what they are, I know what they do, I know some are prettier then others and I appreciate that, but beyond this I really don’t know my whatcha-ma-call-its from my do-hickeys. This might seem like a weird statement considering the photos that will follow but it’s true… The photos below are taken from a purely aesthetic point of view, and more importantly my point and click view. I do not know what year these were made and I probably couldn’t name them but I do appreciate that they are amazing to look at and I love that old world feel you get from just picturing what it would’ve been like when this was all that was available. That said, I hope you enjoy.

My outfit: Skirt - Valleygirl, Shoes - Wittner, Top - Revival by Dangerfield, Scarf - eBay.

This was my favourite one, I just LOVE this colour blue.

As much as I do enjoy checking out all the beautiful cars I mainly went to check out the bands and do some shopping. My mum bought a wonderful dress from a lovely Adelaide woman off eBay not long ago. Unfortunately the dress was a little on the big side so mum contacted her to see if it could be exchanged. Jane (the seller) happily exchanged the dress and in the post bag included a card with information about her website. Well that was it, the second I laid eyes on this website I knew my next few pay cheques may as well be void. There was so much nice stuff :) After drooling over a few things my mum then informed me that Betty Jane Boutique would be holding a stall at the Rock n Roll Rendezvous.

As soon I heard this I went through the site again with pen and paper in hand and wrote down the main items I would like to try on… I emailed the list to Betty Jane Boutique to see if she could possibly bring the items so I could try them on at the Rock n Roll Rendezvous. She was more then happy to oblige. When I arrived I tried on everything and did pretty well, with only 2 things being too big and 2 things she didn’t currently have in stock at the time (I will just have to order them from her website instead now). Here are some pictures of the things I did buy. Note, these pics are from the Betty Jane Boutique website. I have not taken any yet as I haven’t had a chance to wear any of it. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for them in future posts though.

Sailor pants

Denim dungarees
Glamour dress

Spanish dancer skirt

Sugar skulls bag

This is only a taste of some of the wonderful stuff Betty Jane Boutique stocks, with new stock coming in all the time. Brands include: Stop Staring, Lux De Ville, Miss Hussy, etc. There is even some vintage finds too. She is based in South Australia, and from the looks of the Upcoming Events tab on her site, attends lots of different things where you can go and check out her stock.

Unfortunately I don’t have a single picture of any of the bands and did not even have a chance to get my dance on while I was there. After snapping photos of the cars and after my little shopping spree we headed over the dance floor only to find that it was almost impossible to make it through. There was so many people dancing and crowded around the outside of the dance floor, and over all the grassy space near the food stalls that it was difficult to even get close enough to take a picture. When I did finally manage to get close enough (which was miles away) to snap a half decent picture, I was right behind a big tree and couldn’t see a darn thing. Sorry guys, I will have to try harder next year.


  1. Great photos! I think old cars are just gorgeous.

  2. Still sounds like a great day, though. I love those sailor pants. =D
    -Andi x
    PS I'm jealous that you have saddle shoes. One of my friends in the States bought me some about 6 months ago but still hasn't sent them. =[

  3. Francy - Thanks, they really are arent they? :)xo

    Andi B- Yeah, it was still a great day :)
    I love those pants too... they are really long though so I'll have to wear killer heels.

    hehe. I bought mine on eBay for a bargain about a year ago now. Pity you didnt come on sunday, there was a stall selling all dance shoes and there was saddle shoes there...

    There was an amazing power blue pair I fell in love with, but alas... they were childrens lol.

    You will have to pester your friend to post them soon, hopefully they havent forgotten! :)

  4. Looks like fun! I'm the same as you when it comes to vintage cars; don't know an awful lot about them but can sure as hell picture myself sitting in one!x

  5. The cars look great (dont know much about them myself).
    Love the photos and
    especially your vintage look.
    You look great!!!!

    if you you are interested I have a Vintage Clothing store here in Australia.

    Beaut xxxx

  6. Yesterday Girl - It was fun, looking foward to next years now. I am exactly the same, I know close to nothing about them but they sure are pretty n I certainly wouldnt mind being driven around in one :)

    Beaut - In the same boat there, dont know much but I know I like them. Oh thank you :) much appreciated. Also, thanks for the link, seems its broken tho. Found your store and am checking it out as I type...