Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Insta-addict: Week Three

Seems my addiction has cut down a little... a few less photo's (but I was sick in bed a couple days). Anyhoo... here they are for this week :)

and this my friends, is why I should NOT ever wear white... I am bound to cut myself, spill something on just generally get dirty somehow. In today's case, I cut myself (again). I have just spent 20mins in the bathroom at work trying to get the blood out :/ now my shirt is wet and you can still kind of see where it was.

shiny people I know its 80's but I think I need this bag in my life... hehe.

I'm pretty lucky to have this sweet kitten to keep me company while in stuck in bed sick... <3

i may be sick and walking around like a cripple... but i can still make a coffee even if it kills me

 sick/just dropped my lunch on the ground face.  

shiny people pouring the water out of my noodles into the garden, then the lid fell off and all the noodles fell out too :/ Rufus seems pleased though. 

 ok, after seeing several of you over seas IGers post pictures of this poutine I finally googled it. I NEED to try this. Chips and gravy and cheese! Whats not yo love?! Any Adelaide IGers know if there is anywhere here we can get it? or am I going to have to google a technical recipe lol?

oh my gosh! am I not the luckiest girl in the world?! *squeal* finally got my dream canisters! only one missing from the set, mint condition. bonus art deco bakelite coffee canister to more than make up for it though. (no filter, just diptic) 

*still squealing*

*deep breahte*  *continue squealing*

stumbled upon this Lou Shabner print again and it occurred to me, it look a lot like you miss @nicolemarie_kiki ! (if you were blonde especially). His paintings were beautiful :)  

so far today, proudly brought to you by MKB's iPod.  

yay. new tunes :) 

helping a friend of mine type up his autobiography (as he lost the digital copy and only has one hard copy in existance). I figure, just because I don't have a life doesn't mean I can't read about a friend who lead a very interesting one.

yay. finally wearing my new coat :)  

filters dont do the colour any justice, so... no filter.  

 despite the cover art work (which to me looks like someone designed on photoshop for a 12year old school girls pencil case) these CD's are actually swell :) Sparkle Moore, Wanda Jackson, Janis Martin... and many more 'rockin ladies'

 @Chocolate Bean - (late) lunch dates with Andi B Goode

can't beat a real photo booth. today with miss Andi B Goode

 feeling very matte among the shiny people...  

my lovely sister and i... 

let my sister play dress up with me for the fetish night...  

 gimp master - soon to be entertainment. should be interesting.

 my life = changed forEVER.  

 recently developed a nasty weeds addiction...  



  1. Is your phone cover a retro-cassette? Loving it.

  2. Howdy Bee,
    it cetainly is :) I love it, but it gets stuck in my pocket... I'm on the look out for something new that I think is equally/or more awesome.