Monday, August 22, 2011

Insta-addict: Week Two

Here are the next lot of pic's from my Instagram, picking up right where I left off last time... up until today.

 I'm guessing this question isn't meant to be a stumper... that's awfully depressing.

 who'd have thunk it... hope she still likes these guys by the time it's her birthday.


 Soda Pop

today's brooch.

 oh me oh my! oh exciting ^.^

 I'd become what I always hated when I was with you there...

this is no umbrella to take into the wind, and before we begin is there nothing to kill this anxiety...

Rosie lunchbox (oh, and I'm a good child... I make my mum lunch too lol).

 this album has grown on me the more I listen. Especially this song and Monday Morning.

this is one of the most unflattering pictures of Soda but she has her tongue out so I love it. always makes me giggle ^.^

 just finished watching Twin Peaks. 'How's Annie?' that can NOT be the end?!

not even on the train yet and my hair has given up on me. this had better not be an indication of how the rest of the day will be...

not even on the train yet and my hair has given up on me. this had better not be an indication of how the rest of the day will be...

life ruined.

today's vintage find.

my mum is being a susie housemaker and me and madi are the guinea pigs. 'chicken puff with cheese and shallots'

the mother and i. we are all class... lol

it's not over till it's over. Twin Peaks movie, yep.

any of you other DCFC fans like these guys (particularly this album)?

or this album?

And I am finally seeing, why I was the one worth leaving…

it disappeared at the same speed as the idealistic things I believed. the optimist died inside of me.

ahoy sailor...

my friends are rad.

5:20 on a Friday = cocktail time. @ The Regattas


strawberry daiquiri. @ The Regattas

lucky seven. lords of swing. @luckyseven

today's experiment: does going on a wine tour cure a hangover? results to come later.

@ Sunrise Bakery. first things first... greasy pastry.

@ Jacob’s Creek Winery

@Magnificent Seven Wineries. I’m in the shade... everyone else is in the sun.

@ Peter Lehmann Wineries

 @Seppeltsfield Winery. bout to go on a helicopter!

woo. first helicopter ride.

 now at the pub by the fire... @ The Exchange Hotel

almost forgot the walk down the main road with the esky... hehe

ah... bed, silk pj's and bed = <3

have come across a slight flaw in my 'wine tour hang over cure'. what about the hang over from the wine tour? wheres my cure for that? this noodle, egg and cheese moosh could be a good start.

someone's feeling cuddly today...

 bringing in a load of WHITE washing then realizing your finger was bleeding the whole time... fail

today it's pretty hard to top a meal consisting only a cheese and crackers.

this ought to explain some bruises...

this ought to explain some bruises...

today's brooch.

I'm in Australian Tattoo mag No. 78, reppin Betty Jane Boutique. (I also think it's funny to be told im in a tattoo mag when I don't have any ink) 


  1. This is a great idea, I love all these pictures

  2. What a darling post. I love it. Lots of great photos :D

  3. Thanks guys :) glad you enjoyed them!