Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well, as i believe i have mentioned previously... I am a bit of an Instagram addict lately. I generally post at least one photo a day. So I thought perhaps I would share my weeks (or in this case roughly two weeks) photos as a blog post for those of you who don't have Instagram and also so my constant posting can contribute to my blog rather than just my inane social networking on my phone. All going well, I will try and post once a week with the photos from the past week.
gee... thanks mister bird.
freshly picked. freshly squeezed.
my cookie.
Twin Peaks. kitten. bed.


Sir Rufus

dog walkage is serious business.

queen of hearts dunagrees.
why oh why is this so close to the royal show. i need to win the lotto.

ever feel like you're out of place, even among 'your own kind'?

haha. and that they took photos...
it's oddly comforting that my friends get themselves in situations like this... and rather entertaining that they message me about it.

i know it's daylight but I can't face it. artificial light is much more my type today...
lions and tigers and bears, oh my! A big thanks to the 300 of you lovelies, and a big welcome to number 300 @shameless_originals ^.^

...with a single pillow underneath your single head.
so is this lamp.

this tie is rad.

that was... interesting.


well... I haven't had a Redbull in over a week (compared to AT LEAST one a day). Turns out I'm less tired when I don't drink it - think I over did it and became immune lol. But, I'm a sucker for my vices and am about to have one. Here's hoping it actually does what it's supposed to for once...

found one more of one of my favourite teas. unless I come across another stray one this is it...
ooooohhhhh. cute socks.

is it bad that looking at your lunch box (and not whats in it) can make you hungry hehe

And the silence, it became so very clear that you had long ago disappeared. I cursed myself for being surprised that this didn't play like it did in my mind...

sailor pants.

My brain's repeating... "If you've got an impulse let it out" but they never make it past my mouth.

ah, thanks JB. pity it's not the stuff I ordered on the 8th of June!

Am I the only Adelaidian in their 20 something's who still gets excited about the Royal Show? hehe. Less than a month! Looking forward to sussing out these new rides too: No Limit, Disco O, Sky Trail, Skywalker and Psychodelic.

today's brooch.

swoonage. must have.

i want one of these... right now.

these are not as good as i remember...

Busted! And I can't believe I trusted, implicitly. And I lusted for reality. I got rusted anxiety. Come on. You can tell me. Stop yanking my chain. I know you are hiding everything. Do you know what I mean? Do you know what I know? Yeah you better believe it. Do you see what I see? Do you understand me? Baby, are you feeling me? Tell me. How do you sleep? In your bed of true deceit. Are you hungry? Hungry for me? Or is it just conditioning?
last one. and I bet they don't/stock make this anymore either as with almost every other tea I've decided to like...

tasty :S lol. and yes... of course I feed my cat from a crystal plate.


Cadbury Creme Egg Twisted
First of all, a big up yours to the people who think I don't leave my comfort zone/try anything new. Secondly, a change is NOT as good as holiday. Thirdly, to the other ladies in the lunch room... Carbs will not kill you (contrary to popular belief) and I am not some reject breed of alien because my lunch comes in a cup occasionally.

bad hair day = hat.

you know your'e a cat lady when...

I've had this since I was a kid and remember liking it, considering re-reading it... Its such a beautiful book. anyone read it recently?

 four eyes.

PS. Please excuses the jumbled spacing/poor layout of photographs. Bloggers seems to hate me today and is doing my head in :/


  1. I have all my series of unfortunate events books by my bed and randomly read through certain chapters early in the morning :) They're amazing.

  2. Worth re-reading the whole series then? I'll have to dig up the others :) xo

  3. ~ whooop!~ fantastic set of pictures! I really enjoyed that... thanks! What a sweetheart of a cat you've got

  4. hope505 - thanks! glad you enjoyed them :) she is a sweetheart, love her to bits. xo