Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Insta-addict: Week Four

Yet another installment of my week of instagramming. Enjoy!

ah... Frankie, what am I going to do with you? I appreciate the little note reminding me my subscription is up, but frankly... It was a bit of a let down considering I got it after I had seen it in stores every time. Before I subscribed I would get it the first day it was out, i subscribe and you make me wait (I don't like to wait).  

  @The Regattas

@The Regattas

 @The Opt Shop: Andi B Goode and myself

ohhh. hello there... I think you have to be in my wardrobe (or rather one of my kitchen cupboards). How could I not fall in love with a leopard print loafer, especially when it's named after one of my favorite things - sleep.

sometimes I wish real life was a musical... (then I remember, not everybody can sing well).

some goodies from the T bar, freshly squeezed juice and sushi from my favorite place = pretty decent lunch break (even if i have the first day of spring blues).

hotdog and cola for dinner...


and hello what will no doubt be another curse on my bank account...

why? you'll have to wait and see...

looks like I'm photobombing and they are mad...

posh kitty

 worth getting up early...

...because who doesn't want a bowling pin (ps, I am aware there are plenty of puns I couldve said but I'll leave it open for you guys..)

one of today's finds - 2 piece

outfit to go get jabbed (blood tests - lacking vitamins)

nother one of today's finds - 60s pj's

another find - front clip crop top/bra

some more goodies - brooches and clip on's (kind of a cat theme hehe, but there's a mermaid and a hat too!)


and tonight's viewing pleasure is...

also thinking I may need to clean out at least one of my wardrobes (no room for the stuff I bought today).

well hello there Special Agent Chester Desmond...


off to the show. black capri, white singlet, cardi, brooch and flats. I try to make a point of wearing this brooch when I'm wearing my contacts coz I miss my specs hehe.

before show hair (I'll try to remember to take an after). The amount of hair spray in my hair probably just double the hole in the ozone lol

 death by potato?

Rock 'n' Roll babeh!

death by meat?

just leaving now, 7 rides down, hair still in a reasonable state.

ooohhh! and I come home to presents! vintage hair dryer, still works and it's powder blue :) my mum is fabulous!

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