Monday, December 21, 2009


Although it would seem that this is post 4 (my lucky number coincidentally) I feel obliged to tell you that technically it is not. I had written an introduction to this blog the day that I started it, but losing my job days later I never actually continued. So having returned to the adventure of blogging I deleted the original blog as I hope that this time things will be different. I have already made it past double what I had originally done so I am pretty happy with that :)

Anyhoo enough balderdash, allow me to introduce myself. My name is (for all blogger intensive purposes) Miss Kitty Boo acronym MKB. I am currently temping at a large company in the CBD and have been here on and off for the past year or so working with a lovely bunch of people. I have a pet tortoise shell cat named Satine and until recently had a lovely border collie cross blue heeler named Mr Meeko. I live with my Mum in South Australia and my Dad lives in Western Australia. I completed my Cert II in Graphics & Printing in 2007 but unfortunately have not continued with it yet.

I love vintage clothes, mostly 50s (so flattering!) and thrift shopping. You can not beat finding those rare little gems at the op shop or things that most people would write off; when with slight alterations or a bit of TLC can be gems in their own right :) I am keen on fashion but defiantly like to have my own style, and am not exactly a fan of chain store designer knock offs. I have recently laybuyed (is that a word?) a sewing machine and look forward to learning how to sew so I can make my own clothes.

I have been inspired by photographs from other bloggers to start taking more photos. Photos of places I go, things that I make, people in my life and of course, my darling Blythe Natasha Moore. Even though I have had my camera since I was 13 it is still in pretty decent nick, so hopefully my pictures turn out ok.

Enough about me, here is what I anticipate you can expect from this blog at this stage:
  • Snaps of what I got up to on my holiday break

  • Treasures I found – because as Doe-C-Doe so thoughtfully pointed out “everyone knows the best part of finding a $1 treasure is sharing it with people who can appreciate your good luck!”

  • Things I made/altered – when I get time I quite like making things. Be it earrings that look like toast or shoes covered in Donald duck pictures...

  • My sewing adventures – from my very first moment of dodgeyness or glory

  • Sites I found interesting/images I liked – because if I liked it you might too and it’s good to share…

  • Movies/TV series I’ve watched – I am constantly buying DVDs… so ill tell you why you should/shouldn’t watch

I get that sinking feeling in my stomach when I think about all the wonderful blogs I have read (and follow) with amazing photography and insightful writing. There are so many amazing people who share their talents on here that is befuddles me to think that any one would even read my ranting, so if you do happen to drop by please leave a comment… I would really appreciate it. As at this stage it seems I am the only one who has read any of this and that was only when I wrote it :)

Again referring to my blog crush of today, Doe-C-Doe… I love her idea of scheduling things on certain days. However rather then get ahead of myself I would just hope to get at least one post a week at this stage. I hope to follow her strategy; eventually having themes for each day but until then it may be random madness. I apologize for the lengthiness of my posts; I am still working on cutting things down a bit…

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