Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bye Bye Betty...


So I have been totally slack again and have not written anything in over a month… but as I am about to embark on the scary journey of “re-blondening” I figure I would do a bit of an update. My holidays were nothing like expected and I did next to nothing constructive or creative. I watched season 1-4 of “Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, did some washing, drank, slept and then drank some more…

Unfortunately my year started with a death in the family which resulted in a significant period of not feeling like doing anything. My plans to go op shopping, clean out my wardrobe, make some new jewelry and learn to sew all went out the window. Also the lack of funds from being off work did seem to affect my capacity to anything that involved cost.

Either way, all of the above are still on my agenda for the year along with saving for the items on my wishlist from and my upcoming trip to the US. At this stage I am at my current job until April so I know I will have money coming until then… but as I started back to work as of last week this has been the first week that I have gotten paid. So with my first pay check I have decided to continue with my ongoing struggle with the “Blonde VS Brunette” debate I have decided to try to go back blonde… with many a bleach bath ahead of me and many more days of having horrible hair I will not be going out for quite some time. I am not usually one to care about what other people think, but in this case I am being just straight out vain. Its not that I am stressed that one person will see me and I will forever be marked as the girl with the yellow hair, its that I wont be happy with my hair and as such will not feel like I look good even if no one else noticed a difference. Either way… bad hair + miss kitty boo = not going out.

However trying to take this in stride and not mope about my lack of pub time I have chosen to take this extra time to get some things done. My checklist from before I my holidays is in my sight and I figure, if I can learn to sew while I’m being a hermit my re-introduction into the world at the end will be even more amazing. Not only will I have new hair, but I could (all going well) have some new clothes that I made myself too… Or perhaps, amazing blonde hair and an amazing new necklace shaped like an elephant? Lol.

The other positive about my soon to be weekends at home is, I wont be spending as much money thus making a further dent in my US savings and my wishlist. The $50 bleach baths are nothing compared to the shopping I would do on an average week and the cash (well technically booze) I would guzzle while down at the pub.

As I have friends who will not let me go through this process without photographic evidence I will try and post some pictures shortly… it will be like a gradient of hair colouring! Wish me lots of luck…

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