Friday, December 18, 2009

My cat's a model!

I have finally managed to get down to the new agent on my lunch break and pick up the new Frankie. And by "finally" I mean that it came out two days ago and I still hadn’t gotten my mitts on it. Anyway, once safely back in the comfort of the office I did my general flick through since I can't read it all at work and there (when I’d almost finished prioritizing which articles I would read first) almost at the end is a picture of my cat!

My cat Satine.

Satine's doppelganger - Frankie, issue 33, page 98.

It’s always really strange when you see a picture of someone (or in this case somepet) in a magazine that looks like someone you know…

I remember when I was in primary school our class was cutting out pictures from magazines for one of our projects when a class mate came across a picture of me riding a skate board. OK, so it wasn’t me but you could’ve sworn it was. As a class full of easily excitable primary school students my doppelganger was very exciting and stayed a topic of conversation until at least the following weekend…

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