Friday, December 18, 2009

Cute Food

OK, so I haven’t exactly dived head first into this blogging thing. Of course, I have every intention of actually keeping this up and even had a bit of a brain wave about all the things that interest me I would be keen to ramble about… Problem is, whenever I have a sudden burst of inspiration I am usually on the train, or in bed trying to get to sleep. It seems that something in my brain is plotting against me, because whenever I actually have an opportunity to get something done I just don’t know (or remember) what I wanted to talk about…

Well that’s all about to change… today I accidentally stumbled upon a really cute website. When checking out my “I Can Haz Cheezburger?” LOL cat email (yes, I am a sucker for pictures of cats riding invisible bikes etc) I saw the cutest little panda cupcakes… Upon visiting the link I was quite pleased to find a whole site dedicated to cute food! EpiCute has pictures of food shaped like things and things shaped like food. It is great! Having recently discovered the Japanese art of Bento I have totally fallen in love with the idea of food being cute/looking like something else. Although I probably wouldn’t last a week if I had to make food from total scratch it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate all the other talented peoples work :)

Here are some of my favourite treasures from their site…

All images in this post are from EpiCute.

Besides the obvious reasons (hello, cuteness?) I was trying to figure out why it was that I was so attracted to all this arty food stuff, and I have come the conclusion that its probably because I remember my mum making me the coolest cakes when I was a kid. From Mickey mouse and Humpty Dumpty to the Wizard of Oz and Alice’s looking glass (ok, this was my 18th and she had this one made but still…) my mum always makes the greatest cakes. I guess seeing other peoples hard work reminds me of how much effort she put in for me :) (thanks Ma!♥)

Re-Ment Cakes

With so many cute foods and cute food shaped soaps and earrings I was not at all surprised the some of the re-ment cakes made it into the mix. I am pretty much under the impression that anything that is miniature is cute… I don’t know what it is about seeing something that would regularly be over looked; at the size of your finger nail that makes it so fascinating and cute. I mean really, if you saw a dust pan and brush you wouldn’t even bat and eye lid… but when you see a mini dust pan and brush its just adorable.

After discovering this gem I found so many other blogs out there that show great appreciation for miniatures and cute food, it is very comforting to know that I am not the only person who would buy a bag of cookies just because they were mini or had faces painted on the them…


  1. Awww those are so cute! I love the little sad tomatoe!

  2. me too! one of my faves... I love how the background looks like it was made by a primary school kid too, with the cotton ball cloud :)