Saturday, July 3, 2010

So far at age 20...

My first outing as a 20 year old turned out to be one amazing night. As I had already celebrated my birthday earlier in the month with friends I wanted to celebrate with my sister and my Mum on a different night, and as luck would have it… Lucky Seven were playing the day after my actual birthday…

Not only was my birthday this week, it also happens to be the week my current job finishes and as of Friday just gone I am “in between jobs” for a while. As such I had two rather understandable to have a night out… My darling Mother booked a hotel room for the night so we wouldn’t have to try and get home, and my work mates arranged drinks for the same night as I wouldn’t have to rush off to catch my train. Everything fell into place perfectly.

I went straight from work to the pub across the street for many an apple and pear martini with my work mates then rushed off to the hotel to get ready for some red hot swing. I planned on staying at the pub with everyone for around an hour and then heading to the hotel so I would have plenty of time to get ready and be at the Casino on time, this of course in true “miss kitty boo” style… did not work out. I ended up leaving the pub after 2 hours and then madly rushed to get ready. Of course, the martinis certainly helped me shake my cold but did not help me when it came to doing my make up in a hotel bathroom hehe. Nonetheless, I didn’t do too bad a job and managed to only ruin 1 pair of stockings before even leaving the room.

Lucky Seven play at the Casinos Balcony Bar every Wednesday night and the Swing Sesh kindly offer free swing dance lessons too. I have been yearning to go to one of these Wednesday sessions so finally going (and for good reason) was fantastic. Even better though, was that this night had a theme... Red. Details for the event asked: Come dressed in your most fabulous red attire. There was red balloons and decorations, and all of the Lucky Seven boys wore red fez’s and red ties which looked fabulous. My Mum, truly getting into the spirit bought a red dress with tattoo print all over it specifically for the night. She even donned a pair of my seamed stockings and looked amazing. My sister, whose wardrobes mostly consists of black wore the cutest little top hat and cute red knit dress. I wore my leopard print and red “glamour dress” which I bought from Betty Jane Boutique when I was at the Rock n Roll Rendezvous.

Me and my Sister

My Mum, me and my Sister (I'm not certain why I have such a worried look on my face?)

When we arrived at the balcony bar it seems (due to my late departure from the pub) we had missed the first set. We got some drinks, grabbed a seat and watched the swing lessons on the dance floor. We had been there for less then 10 minutes before Rich (Baritone Saxophone) came over and wished me a Happy Birthday :) This alone would’ve been enough to make my night, but it just got better. Not only was I was blown away that any of these guys would know my name let alone wish me happy birthday, Jason (Vocals, Trumpet) then proceeded to mention my birthday during the next set and dedicate a song to me… “Red Hot”. Yes, as you can imagine it was hard to wipe the grin from my face after this, but it just continued to get better. After they had finished Jason came over and gave me a CD and a Lucky Seven t-shirt as a birthday gift. He let me choose between a t-shirt or a tank top (I chose the t-shirt) and he gave the tank top to my sister. Not only do these guys make up the most amazing and my personal favourite swing band but they are also just generally swell people. I got to chat to Rich for part of the night after they finished (here’s hoping I didn’t bore him too much) and had a bit of chat with Jason and even managed to get some photos snapped together :) All in all, an extraordinary night… Lucky Seven made my night! I can not wait to see them play again, very soon. Here’s hoping, when I get a new job I don’t have to work Thursdays so I can go every Wednesday night… hehe.

Needless to say, after the several martinis and several more B52s and sunrises that night I took the next day off of work… After a good rest at the hotel (after some initial assistance actually opening the door when I arrived back at stupid o’clock in the morning) I woke up around 11 and went and had a nice greasy breakfast of bacon and eggs, followed by some window shopping with two of my friends.

If this is what being 20 is like, I think I can deal with it… :)

Should be off to Perth shortly to see my Dad and hopefully check out Devilles Pad, I’m hoping I buy a new camera before then so I can get some decent pictures.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic night! Happy birthday!

  2. Happy,your sis and mom are gorgeous ladies..looks like you had a great fun.
    love your bettie bangs.;)

  3. I was going to go to that! But then I stayed home and did some knitting instead. Hehe.
    -Andi x

  4. Pixie Drive In - it was fantastic :) thanks

    La Dama - thanks doll your too sweet! :)

    Andi B - oh! Pity, wouldve been lovely to meet you. Hope the knitting went well :) hehe. Always next time...

  5. happy birthday, looks like such a fund day

  6. Happy belated birthday. :)
    you look lovely in the party.

  7. sueper - thanks, it was alot of fun :)
    Miss T - Thanks very much :)
    Glamour-Och-Flaskpannkak - Cheers, I love cats eye specs...