Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Outfit - Friends 21st

I went to a friends 21st the other week and finally got to wear my "glamour dress" from my Rock n Roll Rendezvous post. As I mentioned in my first outfit post, I am yet to master the art of self-timer photographs of myself so the quality isn’t great but I am hoping that doesn’t take away from the dress. No-one was home when I left so I had to attempt to take it myself… I think there are a few shots from the party on facebook so I will try and add some of them soon. (UPDATE: more pics added)
Dress - Glamour Dress from Betty Jane Boutique
Stocking - Myer (no photos of the back, but they are seamed)
Shoes - Shoobiz (again, not photographed particularly well, but they are leopard print kitten heels)
It’s a reproduction vintage style and is not actual vintage but I am a real sucker for red, and leopard print so any dress with both is usually good in my book. Although I bought it at the Rock n Roll Rendezvous it is available online at the beautiful Betty Jane Boutique. Please excuse my room, and my posture… the camera was on a shelf that was rather low.

This is my friend Hayley and I before we left. I don't know what is going on with the arms, but that is not mine in the centre... :S

Hayley and I again, you can see the leopard print detail better in this shot.

Oh, also... I am starting my burlesque classes tonight so stay tuned for a post about that shortly :) fingers crossed my lack of coordination doesn't hinder me too much.


  1. Cute dress!! It is very glamorous!

  2. Your dress is fab, it looks fantastic on you!

  3. Love your dress, you look very glam! Wow enjoy the burlesque classes, I'd love to know how you get on! X

  4. Hi dolls, thanks for the comments. Glad you like it :) It was surprisingly comfortable for an off the shoulder number. Betty Jane Boutique has some lovely stuff, definitely worth checking out...

    oh, and Beautfyfiend - i am thinking of doing a bit of a diary about each of my burlesque classes so keep your eye out :)


  5. Such a cute dress! I love this style. I have been eyeing them off all over the interwebs. And you give me some serious hair envy lady! WOW!!