Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Much Ado About Joss

Joss Whedon's 'Much Ado About Nothing' is yet to receive an Australian or New Zealand theatrical release date and as with past Whedon feature films is rumoured to be at risk of going ‘straight to DVD’. Release dates for both the US and UK have already been announced.
If you would like to see this film in cinemas in Australia and New Zealand (even if in a limited release) please show your support by signing the petition and asking others to do so – we need to show the studio that the release would be worthwhile.


For more information and updates please see: https://www.facebook.com/OzMuchAdo

Monday, November 7, 2011

First time for everything...

well, this Saturday just gone was a first for me. I went out, all by myself. Usually if friends bail on me last minute, or I can't organise anyone to come along I will just not go either... but I just must've gotten to the point where I am done with that, sick of missing out on things I want to do etc so I thought to hell with it and went solo. My theory is, anyone who would judge me for being somewhere alone isn't worth knowing anyway. The great thing was, I didn't have to organise way in advance just to get a friend to come along, I didn't have to leave early because they weren't having as good a time as me, and I got to meet lots of lovely new people. Thankfully I did know some other people who were there so I guess technically I wasn't by myself as I had the shelter of their friendship should the awkwardness get to me - but they all had their own things going on and I kind of floated around checking in with them occasionally.

 I ended up meeting lots of new people (even some who live near me, shocker!) and they were all so nice that it really made my night. Sure, alcohol helped ease me into things much smoother than if I had stayed sober but I think I would've gotten there eventually - it just sped up the relaxing process. Overall, only having to look out for numero uno made it into a much easier night out... and everyone I met has some interest in the same things as me which makes for a change considering I generally have to drag along one of my friends who although don't dislike the music etc I like, definitely doesn't enjoy it to the extent that I do.

Where did I go, all on my lonesome you ask? Apologies... I have serious Monday brain. I was at the Second Annual Dia De Los Muertos Fiesta... It was held in an industrial area in a big truck yard and there were plenty of hot rods, kustoms and classics along with several fabulous bands from all around Aus. I didn't actually take my camera along (was running late and completely spaced) but one of the gentlemen I met on the night snapped a few pics. Excuse the poor quality of these pics - they were taken on a mobile phone...

I think that night really did it for me... I have firmly decided (which believe me, firm and decision in the same sentence is a huge deal!) that I need to make more of an effort to do the things I love and attend the events I am interested in even if it means doing them alone. At this stage, I don't even care if I get some stupid nickname along the lines of "solo sally" lol, I just want to surround myself with the things I appreciate and other people who do also. I did make another kind of resolution on the night too... a friend of mine is keen to do swing lessons (of which I have wanted to do for some time but once again, didn't want to alone) so we are going to start next year. All going well, I find a job in late January (I am losing my current job in Decemeber as usual; but am off to Perth for a couple weeks after) that will allow me to do lessons once a week. As queasy as it makes me to be considering dancing in front of people (without copious amounts of alcohol involved) I think, once I get into it it will be fun - and much like when I was doing burlesque I do not plan on taking it too seriously, its just a bit of fitness/fun. Next on my list (as it always seems to be) is sewing... My machine has now been in the box under my stairs for near on two years which is mighty depressing.

 Anyhoo, any Perth bloggers who happen to go to Deville's Pad - I am finally going to get to check it out in January :) and best of all, I know I will like the band! Adelaide's 'hottest swing band' Lucky Seven will be swinging Deville's on Friday 13th of January, and since I am going to be over there anyways I am planning on going along. May even meet some of you there :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Insta-addict: Week Five

Another weeks installment of MissKittyBoo's instagram addiction...

I know I'm in a bad/negative/gloomy mood when A Perfect Circle is all I can stand to listen to...

why thank you mister postman! that's what I like to see...

put some tea in money bags so I dont have to take the whole lot... looks like I have a few bags of drugs in my lunch box hehe. My mum hopes someone questions me!

free toy with a showbag = hours of entertainment.

"the most tender place in my heart is for strangers" - big love going out to all my Instagram followers...


I know it's not what you'd normally think of when you hear hawaiian theme, but hey, it's Hawaiian - just minus the colours. Big flower in the hair to compensate I think?


feelin sentimental...

 also... pretty keen to get my geek on this weekend.

a big birthday shout out for the late Buddy Holly (Charles Hardin Holley) who would've been 75 today. 52 years after his death and his music is still rockin' Rave On Buddy...

 hubba bubba

 the Firefly comic, set between the series and the movie Serenity...

 she looks right at home to me...

 ah... turns out I had a show trip a year ago today. I do love it...
just another Freddies Friday...

 this move made me feel sick to my stomach.

 getting mail is even better when it looks pretty...

my dressing table...

this is the dressing table I had prior. excuse the mess, she now lives in our spare/junk room...

my mums cat ornaments. I adore them.

 and some more...

Fondue, Fon-do!

is it just me, or does the mountain in the background look like it made of meat? :/

this basically sums up my evening. opps.

Bettie, love.

for some reason Soda Pop looks sad today :(

sunday snuggles.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Insta-addict: Week Four

Yet another installment of my week of instagramming. Enjoy!

ah... Frankie, what am I going to do with you? I appreciate the little note reminding me my subscription is up, but frankly... It was a bit of a let down considering I got it after I had seen it in stores every time. Before I subscribed I would get it the first day it was out, i subscribe and you make me wait (I don't like to wait).  

  @The Regattas

@The Regattas

 @The Opt Shop: Andi B Goode and myself

ohhh. hello there... I think you have to be in my wardrobe (or rather one of my kitchen cupboards). How could I not fall in love with a leopard print loafer, especially when it's named after one of my favorite things - sleep.

sometimes I wish real life was a musical... (then I remember, not everybody can sing well).

some goodies from the T bar, freshly squeezed juice and sushi from my favorite place = pretty decent lunch break (even if i have the first day of spring blues).

hotdog and cola for dinner...


and hello what will no doubt be another curse on my bank account...

why? you'll have to wait and see...

looks like I'm photobombing and they are mad...

posh kitty

 worth getting up early...

...because who doesn't want a bowling pin (ps, I am aware there are plenty of puns I couldve said but I'll leave it open for you guys..)

one of today's finds - 2 piece

outfit to go get jabbed (blood tests - lacking vitamins)

nother one of today's finds - 60s pj's

another find - front clip crop top/bra

some more goodies - brooches and clip on's (kind of a cat theme hehe, but there's a mermaid and a hat too!)


and tonight's viewing pleasure is...

also thinking I may need to clean out at least one of my wardrobes (no room for the stuff I bought today).

well hello there Special Agent Chester Desmond...


off to the show. black capri, white singlet, cardi, brooch and flats. I try to make a point of wearing this brooch when I'm wearing my contacts coz I miss my specs hehe.

before show hair (I'll try to remember to take an after). The amount of hair spray in my hair probably just double the hole in the ozone lol

 death by potato?

Rock 'n' Roll babeh!

death by meat?

just leaving now, 7 rides down, hair still in a reasonable state.

ooohhh! and I come home to presents! vintage hair dryer, still works and it's powder blue :) my mum is fabulous!