Monday, November 7, 2011

First time for everything...

well, this Saturday just gone was a first for me. I went out, all by myself. Usually if friends bail on me last minute, or I can't organise anyone to come along I will just not go either... but I just must've gotten to the point where I am done with that, sick of missing out on things I want to do etc so I thought to hell with it and went solo. My theory is, anyone who would judge me for being somewhere alone isn't worth knowing anyway. The great thing was, I didn't have to organise way in advance just to get a friend to come along, I didn't have to leave early because they weren't having as good a time as me, and I got to meet lots of lovely new people. Thankfully I did know some other people who were there so I guess technically I wasn't by myself as I had the shelter of their friendship should the awkwardness get to me - but they all had their own things going on and I kind of floated around checking in with them occasionally.

 I ended up meeting lots of new people (even some who live near me, shocker!) and they were all so nice that it really made my night. Sure, alcohol helped ease me into things much smoother than if I had stayed sober but I think I would've gotten there eventually - it just sped up the relaxing process. Overall, only having to look out for numero uno made it into a much easier night out... and everyone I met has some interest in the same things as me which makes for a change considering I generally have to drag along one of my friends who although don't dislike the music etc I like, definitely doesn't enjoy it to the extent that I do.

Where did I go, all on my lonesome you ask? Apologies... I have serious Monday brain. I was at the Second Annual Dia De Los Muertos Fiesta... It was held in an industrial area in a big truck yard and there were plenty of hot rods, kustoms and classics along with several fabulous bands from all around Aus. I didn't actually take my camera along (was running late and completely spaced) but one of the gentlemen I met on the night snapped a few pics. Excuse the poor quality of these pics - they were taken on a mobile phone...

I think that night really did it for me... I have firmly decided (which believe me, firm and decision in the same sentence is a huge deal!) that I need to make more of an effort to do the things I love and attend the events I am interested in even if it means doing them alone. At this stage, I don't even care if I get some stupid nickname along the lines of "solo sally" lol, I just want to surround myself with the things I appreciate and other people who do also. I did make another kind of resolution on the night too... a friend of mine is keen to do swing lessons (of which I have wanted to do for some time but once again, didn't want to alone) so we are going to start next year. All going well, I find a job in late January (I am losing my current job in Decemeber as usual; but am off to Perth for a couple weeks after) that will allow me to do lessons once a week. As queasy as it makes me to be considering dancing in front of people (without copious amounts of alcohol involved) I think, once I get into it it will be fun - and much like when I was doing burlesque I do not plan on taking it too seriously, its just a bit of fitness/fun. Next on my list (as it always seems to be) is sewing... My machine has now been in the box under my stairs for near on two years which is mighty depressing.

 Anyhoo, any Perth bloggers who happen to go to Deville's Pad - I am finally going to get to check it out in January :) and best of all, I know I will like the band! Adelaide's 'hottest swing band' Lucky Seven will be swinging Deville's on Friday 13th of January, and since I am going to be over there anyways I am planning on going along. May even meet some of you there :)


  1. I've been thinking exactly the same thing lately. I should do and see more no matter what instead of missing out all the time. I remember when Wanda Jackson came to Adelaide last and I didn't go see her because I had no-one to go with. Now I've decided next time I'm going anyway because it could be my last chance. It's not worth missing out. I've also been thinking about swing and rock 'n' roll dance lessons too. I read an article about The Swing Sesh recently and have been looking into that.

  2. Glad someone else knows exactly what I'm talking about. I didn't go to Wanda for the same reason (and because I live in whoop whoop and it's too hard to get home). I mean, it's always nicer to have company when you head out, and it's kind of 'safer' (as in comfort/feelings wise) and safer safer (as in actual safety) but sometimes it's just too hard... so you have to weigh up wether it's worth missing out, or going alone. Swing Sesh is who we are looking at doing it through, Andi dances with them too :) Going to have to wait until I find a new job next year though... :S

  3. well..! obvs I am very late to comment, but comment I shall. Why? Because I, too, have been a "social solo" mmmany times and rarely felt uncomfortable about it. In fact, I feel it can be more you say, you get to decide when to arrive and leave, no putting up with other peoples' "pop-up" omg emergencies or little dramas than can cause an otherwise overextended or unpleasant evening...obviously FREE to flirt, mix and mingle with anyone you like! And I think women out on their own give the vibe of confidence and mystery - so sexy, right? Katherine Hepburn would've done it, Marilyn Monroe was always doing it, Bette Davis...what am I doing alone here? Mind your own business! *haha

    You'll have a great time swing-dancing, too! I sure did!!!